What Should I Do When My Stomach Is Cramped?

Cramps are the most avoided symptoms for every people. It is an unpleasant condition when you will feel uneasy every time you move your body even only an inch. Moreover, it will be a disaster when you got a cramp in your stomach. You cannot eat well, sleep well, and even sit well. It is kind of uneasy condition which will even make you stress. However, cramp will go even without any medicine. In some condition, it still needs medicine. If you get a cramp in your stomach, so don’t get panic. At least, you can control your pain and try to be calm.

Things To Do When You Got Cramp In Your Stomach

It must be uneasy when you got a cramp, especially in your stomach. It will not let you sit or sleep well. In that situation, you can try to get rid the cramp by consuming peppermint or chamomile tea. This two kind of tea effective to help gas in your stomach. In that situation, your cramp will be cured slowly.

On the other hand, you have also make sure that you take enough fluids to keep your body hydrated. Taking enough water will help to reduce your cramp will be getting more painful than before. Just take the amount that you need and don’t let your stomach gets ache more.

Although you have a cramp in your stomach, you still have to take your meals. While eating, you have to make sure that you eat smaller meals instead of big ones. You can chew the food slowly until it digests well. In that situation, it will not give harder work for your stomach to process the food inside.

Moreover, you have also stopped to take spicy food, fried foods, and other foods which are hard to process. Then, you have to manage your stress by doing yoga or meditation.