Traveling Tips When You’re On Period

Traveling Tips When You're On Period

Traveling has a lot of fun. For girls, getting a period while traveling is a terrible thing. We wish there were a cancel button for the period. Cramps, emotional rollercoaster, sore breasts, dizzy, are the example of the period is coming on your way. The inevitable red sign on your pants can be pretty stressing when you aren’t well prepared. So, before you step your feet outside and ready to see the new world, it’s better to pack what you are going to need.

You know your body as best as you know your period cycle. I highly suggest you to always mark your calendar every time you get your monthly guest. This one guest isn’t very pleasant. If you are going on a short travel, make the best out of it. Make the best schedule that is not your period time. If ticket already booked, then here are something you need to prepare.

  1. Bring your female necessity. Tampon and pads are the first things you use when the period kicks in. Put at least two packs or more of them inside your suitcase. Period? No worry!
  2. Comfy first, then style. It isn’t funny when you wear fancy clothes but uncomfortable for the period. Bring your favorite comfy clothes; pajamas, leggings, yoga pants, baggy shirt, trousers, and a loose shirt. These will help you to face your period.
  3. Medicine to cure your cramps. Imagine your friends are strolling around the London Street when you’re just there crawling in your pajamas having a cramp. This is the worst. So before the worst probability happens, it’s better to bring a cramp healer. You can find it in a drug store.
  4. Dry and wet tissue, hands sanitizer, and extra underwear. This stuff will save your life when you need to change the pad in a public bathroom. Do not ever forget them.
  5. DSLR Camera. If you like photography like I am, then don’t forget to bring your best camera to capture the world.

So, are you ready to get lost in the city far from your home? Have fun!