Traveling Preparation To Enjoy Epic Mount Rinjani Landscape

Mount Rinjani trekking is one of the agenda that you cannot miss when you are visiting the hidden paradise island, Lombok. You may want to add another amazing adventure to your list with enjoying the epic view on one of the highest mountaintop in Indonesia. Have you browsed online, you may find a bunch of traveling review complimenting the amazing panorama of Mount Rinjani. If you have already made a list on your traveling agenda to this destination, you should start preparing it soon. The early and well-prepared trip will serve you a more satisfying trip.

Things To Prepare

You definitely cannot miss preparing everything before starting your mount Rinjani trekking. There are some points you need to highlight.

  • Physical Preparation

Trekking in Rinjani is obviously not for the beginner. You are going to climb over 12,224 feet mount with rough tracks. To face it you need to be in your excellent health condition. You should prepare by going to the gym, taking a regular long jogging and another exercise in order to be ready to get into the mountain peak.

  • Transportation and Accommodation

As you are going to travel overseas or taking a distant trip for domestic travelers, you may need to get your traveling documents prepared beforehand. You do not want to rush yourself and ruin your plan by overextending time to set it. Booking accommodation earlier will save you a great value of money as booking close to the D-day is usually pricey.

Those two are something you should prepare beforehand. Last thing and the most important is having your itinerary ready before you arrive at the destination. If you are not really good at making arranging agenda since you do not really know the real situation and environment in Mount Rinjani, you can use travel package available in The organizer will set everything for your trip.