Tips For Formula Feeding Your Baby

A newborn baby usually is breastfed in order to fulfill their nutrition needs. However, some mothers cannot give their breast milk to their babies because of some reasons. Therefore, the solution is to give the babies formula feeding. The formula milk will be put in a bottle, so moms should keep the bottle hygiene by using baby bottle sterilizer.

Although the formula milk can be given to the babies, it cannot entirely replace moms’ breast milk. The formula milk does not have antibody substance so it cannot give the babies additional protection from infection.

In addition, the making of formula milk is also more vulnerable to bacterial invasion. Therefore, there are a lot of things that moms should consider before giving their babies formula feeding.

Amount And Frequency

The first thing moms have to consider in giving their babies formula feeding is the amount of formula milk and the frequency of formula feeding. Because formula milk in a bottle cleaned using baby bottle sterilizer is less digestive than breast milk, it should not be given to the baby as frequent as the breast milk.

Meanwhile, for the formula milk amount, it can be added gradually. For example, in the first month, the baby can be given up to 90 milliliters in each session for 3 to 4 hours’ interval. In the upcoming month, the portion can be added as the baby capacity has developed that can hold more milk.

Keep The Bottle Clean

It is the most important thing to do. The cleanliness of the bottle to place the formula milk should be maintained well. A dirty bottle can be a nest for bacteria and parasites that may harm your babies. Therefore, the use of baby bottle sterilizer is necessary since it can keep the bottle hygiene that prevents the bacteria from growing up in the bottle.