The Source Of A Leather Bag

The stuff to support your elegance usually is leather handbags. This kind of bags can boost up the value of your fashion, and so many people love this. This bag is quite difficult to find and mostly had an expensive price. How come this bag become expensive? It is because the material of the bag is made from a real animal skin.

Good Quality Animal Skin

Several animals have been chosen to become the base material of making a leather creation for fashion. It is because they have a compatible type of skin to create any kind of fashion. For example, the thickness of the skin, texture, and color. So, which animal skin can become a base material to create a stuff?

  1. Cow

Leather handbags using cow skin is a popular thing in this era, why? Because this leather is the best quality to create a handbag. Cow skin has a strong durability to carry a lot of stuff in a bag and doesn’t change any look on your bag. The availability of the skin is one of the reasons people use this.

  1. Sheep

This kind of leather is one the popular one besides cow leather. Both of cow and sheep leather have many similarities, but the texture. Sheep leather is smoother than a cow. For you who want a smoother texture, choose this type of skin.

  1. Crocodile

A wild animal skin can be your handbag. This kind of skin is expensive because the manufacturers have to catch a crocodile and take the skin off, this is very dangerous. The thickness of this skin is the thickest one than another and has a good durability. The unique texture of the skin also increases the price of the products.

  1. Snake

Snakeskin has a low durability than others. But if you see a bag using this leather, this is the most beautiful. This kind of leather sells the beauty of the color, and it also has an expensive price in the range of leather handbags.