The Importance Of Washing Hands

A survey reveals that more than half of people do not wash hands after using a public toilet. Some others wash hands without hand wash while only about 15% spare their time to wash hands using hand wash. In fact, washing hands after using the public toilet is very important for our health. It is the best way to prevent ourselves from contagion.

A Way To Prevent Diseases From Spreading

Keeping the hygiene of hands is important. It is because we can avoid getting sick and spread germs. The biggest chance of contagion is through touching. Moreover, the restroom is the place for the public where never know if the previous person using the toilet is healthy. It makes restroom as the biggest place of spreading contagion.

It is not only about us. Imagine that you are coming out of a restroom without washing hands properly and you shake hand with other people. It means you let people, especially those who have a weak immune system, get sick. Not only is it disgusting but also dangerous.

To Get Rid Of Bacteria And Virus

Do you know that certain virus and bacteria can survive up to 2 hours on any surface? If it is the case in the restroom, we may be infected with the certain virus and get sick in no time. Moreover, they are invisible to bare eyes. It makes the situation even worse if we do not wash our hands properly using water and hand wash.

Best Time To Wash Hand

Because of those horrible possibilities, experts suggest washing hands every time we come out from the restroom. It is also important to wash hands in other circumstances. First, we should wash hands before eating. The food that gets into our stomach may get infected. The second situation to wash hands is after touching pets. Last but not least, we should wash our hands after we cover nose and mouth because of sneezing.