Simple Tips To Treat Dark Circle And Puffy Eye

Some people are simply born with the less attractive puffy eye. Some others get this bag under the eyes and dark circle because of continuous bad habit. Furthermore, it can be an indication of aging. Some elder people will automatically have under eye bag. It will definitely affect your appearance.

The Reason Behind Dark Circle And Eye Bag

There are some possibilities that can cause dark circle and eye bag. The first and most obvious reason, besides genetic factor, is aging. Someone who is getting old would likely get loose and wrinkle skin. Secondly, exhaustion is another biggest causal factor of dark circle. It can be because you got insomnia or stay awake until dawn.

In addition, dermatology issue can make you’re the skin under the eye to lose. Allergy, blood vessel damage and stress can cause those problems too. Also, external factor such as ultraviolet exposure and extreme climate change can also make the condition worse.

How To Treat Them

Basically, any health problem can be cured by having natural treatment. Personal treatment and healthy lifestyle is the best natural solution for dark circle and eye bag.

  1. Apply on Eye Cold Compress

The first step is applying the refreshing cold compress to your eyes. You can use natural eye compresses such as a slice of cucumber or a bag of green tea. In addition, apply eye cream around the eye that contains chamomile or cucumber extract.

  1. Manage Your Sleep

Then, it is important to get yourself into a deep sleep. You should sleep for 7-8 hours per day. it can make your fresh the next day. Changing your sleep position can also prevent aqueous humor or liquid around the eye to pile up.

  1. Avoid Alcohol and Caffeine

Lastly, you should change your unhealthy lifestyle by avoiding alcohol and caffeine. They will make the dark circle even more visible. You should add more mineral water consumption instead.