Reviewing the Best New Car of the Year

2018 has been rolling into almost mid-year. Auto manufacturers have prepared their best new car 2018 edition. There will be a lot of models that they will release. Manufacturers such as Toyota, Chevrolet, Honda, Ford and many more are ready for their models. Here is a brief discussion about 3 best-selling models which are the SUVs, small cars, and luxury cars.

3 Best Selling SUV Models

Here is the list of several best-selling SUV car model which favorited almost all by the SUV lovers all around the world.

Top SUVs

First top SUV model according to several auto reviewers is the 2018 Honda CR-V. It has been redesigned with some minor changes. The existing release has presented remarkable features. It includes a soft riding quality with a powerful engine. The high-quality cabin and spacious cargo make it the best option for the family car.

The 2018 Mazda CX-5 and New Ford Escape are other best compact SUV cars. Another auto manufacturer has a lot more collection for this year release in various types. It will include 2-rows and 3 rows seat, luxury SUV to a crossover one.

The Best Small Cars

Another best new car 2018 will also be available in the small cars category. The best small car is probably the brand-new car from Kia, 2018 Kia Stringer. Many reviewers address praise for its interior design. It has sizeable passenger room, big trunk, and many standard features. Another prominent manufacturer, Audi has prepared 2018 Audi A5 and A4 series while BMW offers market with its 2018 BMW 2-series.

Most Favorite Luxury Cars

Lastly, Audi offers the most favorite luxury cars. The series of this brand is ranked on the top list of luxury cars. Besides its fantastic price for the class, it offers high quality of feature and performance as well. 2018 Audi A4 to A8 collections is reputable for its luxurious interior features with the high quality material. There are a lot more best new car 2018 which are available in so many auto dealerships in many countries.