Playing Angry Birds 2

How to play Angry Birds 2? This game is a simple game where you just need to defeat the pig by launching the birds via slingshot. You need to play the game from the very first level. When you play the first levels, you can’t choose certain birds that you want. The birds and cards that you get are automatically selected from the drawn that you unlocked previously. Among the bird cards, there are three cards which are presented so you are able to know their identity. As for the remaining cards are still unknown but you will know their value as the time goes by.

How To Play Angry Birds 2

So, how to play Angry Birds 2? It is simple, you just need to defeat the pig who is the enemy by just simply launching the birds. You can also use the bird card to defeat the enemy. When you use the card, the unknown card will reveal the identity and it is also active so you can use to attack the enemy. The three active bird cards are available to be used as you wish. This feature is very different from the previous Angry Birds. Because the birds in this sequel are a lock. It means that you as the player can’t choose a certain bird to attack the enemy.

There is also a destruct-o-meter which is a feature to know the accumulate points that you get in unlocking the levels. This feature is located on the upper-right. If you can fil the bar, you can get the award which is an extra bird card! The given card will be unknown and you will know the identity by unlocking the next level. When you want to attack the enemy, you can only use one bird which is known as “strike”. You can get more points in Angry Birds 2 if you can destroy the enemy with one bird.