Korean Banana Diet

So many types of doing a diet people can get recently. One of the popular ones is banana diet from Korea. This is a very popular diet there and claimed as a good way to decrease the weight by utilizing how many calories does a banana have to get enough portion of eating. The main way to do this diet by changing your daily food with bananas, but not all of the food in a day.

One of an artist from Korea named Seo In Young use this method to do her diet. She claimed that she can lose her weight by 6 kilograms in four weeks or in a month. This is very accurate that someone had been tried this method and it worked. If you want to lose your weight several kilos and love bananas, do this diet method.

Diet Methods

In the morning, you should eat one banana or maximum two bananas for your breakfast with two glasses of fresh water. Then for the lunchtime, you can eat anything you want if you are bored with bananas, but don’t eat a food which contains too much oil.

For your distraction in your spare time and if you started to hungry, you can eat a half or one banana. For the dinner time, you can eat any food, but it must have a good nutrition and no more than 8 PM. This method maximizes how many calories does a banana have to bring you healthy.

Suggestion In This Diet Method

Although banana has good nutrition and low calories, it has no ability to decrease your weight. It is better if you combine banana with low-fat yogurt for your breakfast. The main point in the diet is the calories you consume, it must be balanced with the calories you burn. To get an ideal body through this diet, you must know how many calories does a banana have, so it will be much easier to do.