Knowing The Highest Price Of Your Car

The car has so many components. You probably have known the outer part of a car, but not in the inner. Inside the car, you can see a lot of machine as a central part to move it. If you don’t want to sell the spare part of your cars for cash, take care of the important part of it.

Some people don’t know which part is important to care since you bought it from a dealer. Sometimes people are just thinking about the look of their car. They forget about the main point of the car, that is the machine.

Treat Your Car Gently, Guys!

For some people who know the detail of the machine, it is not a problem that they have to take care. But on the other hand, for you who don’t know at all, there are several parts which are important in a car that you should keep it safe. Because if it is broken or you should buy a new one, it is very expensive spare part of the cars for cash.

  1. Infernal Machine

So many factors can cause your internal machine broken. For example, old machine or a bad treatment. The internal machine becomes an expensive part because if it broke, it means several components are broken too. The name of the internal machine service is an overhaul.

  1. Transmission

This is one of the most expensive because if it broke you will spend million rupiahs to fix it. The best way to treat them is by regularly replacing the transmission oil. Don’t forget to flush the old transmission oil so you can add the new one.

  1. Head Gasket

This part has a function to bind the machine cylinder. This part is also preventing the leak of oil or cooling liquid. Head Gasket has a cheap price, but if it broke, the expensive prices are from another part next to it. So, treat your car gently, you wouldn’t spend money for spare part cars for cash.