Know and Prevent the Causes of Dandruff

Black and thick hair are very beautiful to look at, but if there is dandruff on the sidelines of our hair or even found on the shoulders of our black shirt will surely interfere our appearance. Dandruff appeared from dead skin cells found on the scalp that usually causes the scalp to itch and cause hair loss. Dandruff is usually caused by dry scalp. Exposure to sunlight can cause the scalp to drier. Dandruff is not too dangerous for scalp health, and it is not contagious. That dandruff just makes us often scratching the head so that with the loss of dead skin cells then there is a temporary loss. Besides can making hair fall out, dandruff also reduces beauty and hygiene, because with a dandruff hair is considered less hygiene and not beautiful to look at.

Removing and Preventing Strong Dandruff

Many shampoo products function to eliminate and prevent dandruff come back again. But not all type of shampoo fit or match our scalp. If we have found the right shampoo to remove head dandruff, it’s better to continue using that shampoo and not changing the shampoo brand. Washing your hair or shampooing is better done a week as much as 3-4 times. Because the chemical contents of shampoo can make our scalp dry if used frequently. Zinc element in the shampoo can make the scalp more healthy. Zinc can remove dead cells and replace the dead cells with new cells.

Besides dry scalp, oily scalp has the potential to cause dandruff. Women usually use hair styling product, it is necessary to consider the product to smooth, soften, straighten, and beautify the look of the hair should not be too often used because it can lead to oily scalp. We can use olive oil that is smeared all over the surface of the scalp for natural tips.