How To Choose Perfect Menstrual Cup

Do you know that the technology of helping women to take care their period is so much better now? There are many options for women since long time ago to collect the blood during a period. Which tool do you use so far? Is it the menstrual pads or tampons? Maybe you know about the menstrual cup right now, don’t you? Well, this menstrual cup becomes so popular recently. So, do you want to switch your tampons to a menstrual cup?

Several Things You Should Know To Choose Perfect Menstrual Cup

Maybe it is very good to use the pads because you just need to stick it on your panties. However, you will get more problems because you need to change it every four or six hours. Using menstrual cup will be far easier. However, you should know that it is not easy to choose the perfect menstrual cup for you. Here are the several things you should know:

  1. Because each woman has a different shape of the vagina and the uterus inside; you need to choose the right menstrual cup.
  2. There are so many shape and size of cups to choose. You should know the cup you need based on your condition down there. It will relate to your history of giving birth and how much do you bleed every day in your period.
  3. Choose the small one if you are young and never giving birth before. Then, if you think you need the bigger cup; you may try to use the bigger size.
  4. Well, you need to choose the cups based on your comfort as well. Each woman will experience the different feeling when trying the first menstrual cup.

So, what do you think? Using menstrual cup can be healthier and practical than the tampons or menstrual pads. You need to give it a chance and find out whether your body needing it or not. Thus, that is all.