How To Be A Clean Gamers

Playing a game can create some refreshments in our brain from our daily life. This is one of the ways to escape from daily bustle. There are some gamers play a game all day long without considering the risks that they will get from it. Some people choose their way to become pro-gamers to get profit from playing a game, it is not a prohibition but, you get to pay attention how to make this job walks fluently without harming your healthy life.

Game Is Fun, But Healthy Is Important

For you who are not a professional gamer, but love to play a game, don’t forget your body needs some rest. Follow several tips below to avoid some bad issues for your body while playing a game.

  1. Get Some Rests

So many gamers forget to take a rest while playing a game, whereas taking some rest is very important. Minimum time to take a rest while playing a game is 5 minutes, more than that is a way better. Take a break from your hand, body, and eyes. Especially for your eyes, try to see something with green colors beside from the PC screen, such as leaves or grass.

  1. Set Alarm

The setting alarm is a good way to limit your time on playing a game. For example, set alarm for 2 or 3 hours while playing a game. It helps you to remember the time you play. After playing a game continue your other activity in the day.

  1. Keep Clean Off Your Desk

Usually, keyboard and mouse of your PC are the dirtiest part. Keep clean that part by frequently wiping with a towel. And sometimes while playing a game, you probably eat some food and don’t forget to throw them into a trashcan. It is not funny if some ants biting your skin while playing a game.