Foods To Help You Heal Fever

If you start sneezing, feel dizzy, cough, you could have caught the fever. Those are the symptoms of people who suffer from fever. This can be a not serious illness that can cause to death like cancer. However, it can be troublesome for it can disturb your daily activity. You will miss your office project or school assignment because you need to take a rest.

Factors That Cause Fever

Fever can happen to anyone either adult or children. Extreme weather can cause people to get flu. Moreover, those who don’t do healthy lifestyle tend to catch fever more frequently than those who do. It’s because unhealthy lifestyle decreases the ability of immune system to defend the body from a virus or bacterial infection. The natural remedy to heal it is by consuming food with a certain substance that can fight fever virus.

Lists Of Food To Heal Fever Effectively

It does not require you a lot of money to cure fever. You just need to prepare this following food at home. Some foods below are considered effective to cure fever and influenza.

  • Honey

This liquid which is produced by bees is good to decrease the symptom of a cough. Consuming two teaspoons of honey before sleeping can reduce a cough. Therefore, you can get profound sleep at night.


  • Almond

Another best natural remedy to cure the symptoms of fever is almond. It works pretty effectively for cold therapy. Consuming almond on daily basis can help the body to prevent the virus.


  • Kiwi

Eating kiwi can help to reduce fever symptoms and even boost the healing process. The substance in the kiwi can increase the level of immune system and red corpuscle.


  • Fresh Coconut Water

Those who live in the tropical country should be thankful for its richness of natural sources. One of them is coconut. The coconut water is great to boost the immune system. It can work effectively to cure a cold and flu.