Find Different Ending With Your Tattletail Virtual Pet

Do you want to adopt a pet but it seems difficult? Just get the virtual pet as a substitution. There are a lot of games with virtual pet concept nowadays. However, some of them are boring and the rest are attractive ones. One of the attractive virtual pet game which will never let you get bored easily is Tattletail. You can get the Tattletail download link and install it easily on your devices. A video game by Waygetter Electronics has unique ending concept. You will not find only one ending, but three different endings based on how you play it.

You Will Get 3 Different Ending On Tattletail

Before you find the Tattletail download link on, you should know some amusing points on this game. Basically, the game will be divided into three times which are 1st night, 3rd night, 4th night, and Christmas Eve. Along the game, you need to collect the eggs without disturbing the predecessor called Mama Tattletail. In the end, you will find these ending:

  • Tattletail’s Good Ending

If you are successfully collect 22 eggs in the mission, so you will get a gift as a reward. With Baby Tattletail, you will take your own gift and come into Mama’s room. In the end, you will see Mama Tattletail wake up and yawning in her room.

  • Tattletail’s Bad Ending

If you are failed to collect all 22 eggs, so you will be killed by Mama Tattletail. You need to start from the start.

  • Tattletail’s Joke Ending

If it is good, so there must be bad. However, Tattletail has an unexpected ending which is a joke ending. You will get this ending as if you lose the map that let the Baby Tattletail have it. In the end, you will get nothing besides come back to the main menu. Just get Tattletail download and find its amusing thing.