Do I Have Crippling Depression?

While you feel so lazy to do anything, have no energy to do your hobbies, you may be suffering the depression. Depression is one of the most human problems in this world. Many people think that I have crippling depression and they prefer to kill themselves to solve their problems. Well, you should know that you may reduce the depression if you would like to get back to live in normal ways.

Don’t Do Self-Diagnosis

If you think that I have crippling depression and you would like to do self-diagnose, stop it. Why? Many people don’t want to diagnose themselves that they are suffering the crippling depression. They will reject the truth if they know that they are depressed.

Self-diagnosis is not good for you. While you read the symptoms and the effects of crippling depression, you will feel so deeply sad that if those things are now happening to you. When you realize that you have crippling depression, you will do anything to make sure that no one knows about it.

Many people have self-diagnosis and they don’t tell it to anyone because they will feel so embarrassed if anyone knows about it. Hence, they will keep their secret deep down their heart and it makes their depression is getting worse.

Many people are suffering this depression and they won’t tell it to anyone so people around them don’t know how to help them. This is why you should not do self-diagnosis. It won’t help you to get out of this depression problem.

It will be so much better if you go to the professional one. You can tell about what your feeling is and it will help you a lot to diagnose whether you are suffering the depression or not. Stop thinking I have crippling depression if you don’t have any evidence.