Best Ways To Consume Fruits And Vegetables

Are you bored with the ordinary ways of consuming fruit vegetables? Well, you should know the best ways to consume it here. Maybe there are several ways that are already common in your place. However, you should know if the ways are boring; it will not hurt your body. If you do not eat the fruits or vegetables at all. It is the problem.

How To Eat Fruits And Vegetables In The Best Ways?

I know the appetite of eating the vegetables and fruits can be gone if you the ways of serving it is boring. However, the ways of serving it also important for your body and health. When you think the only important thing is eating them; then, it is up to you.

Well, here I have several good ways to eat vegetables and fruits. Maybe you will love them or even hate them. However, I guarantee you several of them are the new ways. Here are the several best ways of eating fruit vegetables as the following:

  1. You may steam the vegetables and add the peanut sauce to get the best taste of the salad.
  2. You may make a juice of the mix of vegetables and fruits.
  3. You also may make the fresh fruits and mix it with the peanut sauce. You should slice the fruits first.
  4. The fruits and vegetables can be mix without being cooked first and add it with peanut sauce. It will be healthy and delicious salad for you.
  5. Eat the fruits directly and cook the vegetables along with spices.

Peanut sauce is one of the popular sauce for traditional salad from Indonesia. Indonesian people always use chili in the sauce and coconut sugar as well. Do you want to try it? Click for more information about fruits and vegetables. That is all and I wish you will always be healthy.

The Balance Hormone Will Make You Healthier

Have you ever think the main thing in your body which can control all your system in the body? The answer might be a hormone. You will slowly realize that hormone control over all of the system in your body. In fact, your emotional, mental, and physical health care affected by your hormones. That is why you need to maintain or even increase eh stability of hormone in your body. If you have imbalance hormone, so there will be some health problem with you. So, what is the best way to maintain the stability of your hormone? Just check this out!

What You Have To Do To Balance Your Hormone

Balancing your hormone is not too difficult. You can do these things to help the balancing of your hormone:

  • Grab Enough Protein

In fact, woman and man produce different hormone level. That is why woman and man need a different supply for maintaining their hormone level. For the best recommendation, protein is the best thing you have to take to balance your hormone well. Some experts also recommend that you have to take 20 to 30 gram of protein in each meal that you take every day.


  • Do More Exercise

The answer to being healthy is doing exercise. The main benefit of exercise related to the hormone is increasing your insulin levels and activity. There are a lot of activities that will help you to balance your hormone well. Walking, training, aerobics, and another kind of exercise will produce more insulin hormone which is good for your health.


  • Reduce Refined Carb and Sugar

It is common news that refined carb and sugar will trigger various dangerous health problem. If you want to get hormone balance, so you need to minimize the intake of these two foods. It will also help to increase your insulin sensitivity.

How To Be A Clean Gamers

Playing a game can create some refreshments in our brain from our daily life. This is one of the ways to escape from daily bustle. There are some gamers play a game all day long without considering the risks that they will get from it. Some people choose their way to become pro-gamers to get profit from playing a game, it is not a prohibition but, you get to pay attention how to make this job walks fluently without harming your healthy life.

Game Is Fun, But Healthy Is Important

For you who are not a professional gamer, but love to play a game, don’t forget your body needs some rest. Follow several tips below to avoid some bad issues for your body while playing a game.

  1. Get Some Rests

So many gamers forget to take a rest while playing a game, whereas taking some rest is very important. Minimum time to take a rest while playing a game is 5 minutes, more than that is a way better. Take a break from your hand, body, and eyes. Especially for your eyes, try to see something with green colors beside from the PC screen, such as leaves or grass.

  1. Set Alarm

The setting alarm is a good way to limit your time on playing a game. For example, set alarm for 2 or 3 hours while playing a game. It helps you to remember the time you play. After playing a game continue your other activity in the day.

  1. Keep Clean Off Your Desk

Usually, keyboard and mouse of your PC are the dirtiest part. Keep clean that part by frequently wiping with a towel. And sometimes while playing a game, you probably eat some food and don’t forget to throw them into a trashcan. It is not funny if some ants biting your skin while playing a game.

Tips To Treat Insomnia

Insomnia is not a good thing. You might say that you like to stay awake all night long and you just can sleep for hours in the morning until afternoon. But if you do this routine too often, this might affect your health. Our body needs to rest in the night because some organs just don’t work better at night. This is why you should sleep for at least 6 hours at night.

Natural Remedies For Insomnia

If you have trouble sleeping every night, you can treat your insomnia by having these natural remedies below:

There is a study that found out people who sleep with lavender scent in their pillow or room can sleep better because they feel relax. People who get a message by using lavender essential oil also feel calmer and more relax. Breathe in the lavender scent is great because this purple flower can reduce systolic pressure. It is a blood pressure that related to stress. That’s why if you looking for tips to treat insomnia, you will always find lavender on the list.

You just need to buy lavender essential oil and pour 5 to 10 drops to your hot bath or 5 drops to your pillow. You can also boil a water and add 5 drops to the water as your inhaler so you can feel calm whenever you inhale this scent. Lavender essential oil is also great for your skin, so you can apply this oil by mixing it with your lotion before bedtime.

If you don’t get lavender essential oil, you can get vanilla essential oil as an alternative. There is also a study that shows the great effect of vanilla essential oil. This oil can ease insomnia. There are patients who breathed air in vanilla scent and they can sleep better during the night than those who don’t breathe vanilla air. Those are two great natural remedies for insomnia.

Korean Banana Diet

So many types of doing a diet people can get recently. One of the popular ones is banana diet from Korea. This is a very popular diet there and claimed as a good way to decrease the weight by utilizing how many calories does a banana have to get enough portion of eating. The main way to do this diet by changing your daily food with bananas, but not all of the food in a day.

One of an artist from Korea named Seo In Young use this method to do her diet. She claimed that she can lose her weight by 6 kilograms in four weeks or in a month. This is very accurate that someone had been tried this method and it worked. If you want to lose your weight several kilos and love bananas, do this diet method.

Diet Methods

In the morning, you should eat one banana or maximum two bananas for your breakfast with two glasses of fresh water. Then for the lunchtime, you can eat anything you want if you are bored with bananas, but don’t eat a food which contains too much oil.

For your distraction in your spare time and if you started to hungry, you can eat a half or one banana. For the dinner time, you can eat any food, but it must have a good nutrition and no more than 8 PM. This method maximizes how many calories does a banana have to bring you healthy.

Suggestion In This Diet Method

Although banana has good nutrition and low calories, it has no ability to decrease your weight. It is better if you combine banana with low-fat yogurt for your breakfast. The main point in the diet is the calories you consume, it must be balanced with the calories you burn. To get an ideal body through this diet, you must know how many calories does a banana have, so it will be much easier to do.

Simple Tips To Treat Dark Circle And Puffy Eye

Some people are simply born with the less attractive puffy eye. Some others get this bag under the eyes and dark circle because of continuous bad habit. Furthermore, it can be an indication of aging. Some elder people will automatically have under eye bag. It will definitely affect your appearance.

The Reason Behind Dark Circle And Eye Bag

There are some possibilities that can cause dark circle and eye bag. The first and most obvious reason, besides genetic factor, is aging. Someone who is getting old would likely get loose and wrinkle skin. Secondly, exhaustion is another biggest causal factor of dark circle. It can be because you got insomnia or stay awake until dawn.

In addition, dermatology issue can make you’re the skin under the eye to lose. Allergy, blood vessel damage and stress can cause those problems too. Also, external factor such as ultraviolet exposure and extreme climate change can also make the condition worse.

How To Treat Them

Basically, any health problem can be cured by having natural treatment. Personal treatment and healthy lifestyle is the best natural solution for dark circle and eye bag.

  1. Apply on Eye Cold Compress

The first step is applying the refreshing cold compress to your eyes. You can use natural eye compresses such as a slice of cucumber or a bag of green tea. In addition, apply eye cream around the eye that contains chamomile or cucumber extract.

  1. Manage Your Sleep

Then, it is important to get yourself into a deep sleep. You should sleep for 7-8 hours per day. it can make your fresh the next day. Changing your sleep position can also prevent aqueous humor or liquid around the eye to pile up.

  1. Avoid Alcohol and Caffeine

Lastly, you should change your unhealthy lifestyle by avoiding alcohol and caffeine. They will make the dark circle even more visible. You should add more mineral water consumption instead.

Diet For Pregnant Mom And Her Baby

When you got pregnant, certainly you had to pay attention to your nutrition of food. However, it is not a reason for you to eat all kind of foods. Check the ideal foods in idealproteinreviews to make you become a great mother. A mother who is having a baby inside her belly should be able to control what kind of food they eat every day to avoid any problem with the baby. If you eat too much, it could make your baby absorb much food and slowly become fat, and when the time of birth is coming it will be dangerous for you.

Doing a diet for a mother who gets pregnant must be adjusted with the ideal nutrition, in order to keep the mother and the baby stay healthy. This diet does not mean to decrease the portion of your food, so the baby will get less intake. It is recommended for you who get pregnant to do this diet, for more references you can visit idealproteinreviews.

Simple Tips For The Figure Of Mother

  1. Balance Nutrition

This is important for a mom, you must be able to choose the foods which have a balanced nutrition to your body and your baby. This aims to make your baby not too fat while you keep eating healthy food.

  1. Limit The Calories

Try to avoid foods which contain high calories. Because sometimes this food has no any nutrient content for people who eat it. It is like just make you full. For example, junk food, fast food, and soda.

  1. Suffice The Protein

The desire of snacking while you are getting pregnant is so high. Change the habit of eating many snacks with eating a high protein food. Ideal protein in your body will make the baby also become healthy. You can also check in to get more information.

Foods To Help You Heal Fever

If you start sneezing, feel dizzy, cough, you could have caught the fever. Those are the symptoms of people who suffer from fever. This can be a not serious illness that can cause to death like cancer. However, it can be troublesome for it can disturb your daily activity. You will miss your office project or school assignment because you need to take a rest.

Factors That Cause Fever

Fever can happen to anyone either adult or children. Extreme weather can cause people to get flu. Moreover, those who don’t do healthy lifestyle tend to catch fever more frequently than those who do. It’s because unhealthy lifestyle decreases the ability of immune system to defend the body from a virus or bacterial infection. The natural remedy to heal it is by consuming food with a certain substance that can fight fever virus.

Lists Of Food To Heal Fever Effectively

It does not require you a lot of money to cure fever. You just need to prepare this following food at home. Some foods below are considered effective to cure fever and influenza.

  • Honey

This liquid which is produced by bees is good to decrease the symptom of a cough. Consuming two teaspoons of honey before sleeping can reduce a cough. Therefore, you can get profound sleep at night.


  • Almond

Another best natural remedy to cure the symptoms of fever is almond. It works pretty effectively for cold therapy. Consuming almond on daily basis can help the body to prevent the virus.


  • Kiwi

Eating kiwi can help to reduce fever symptoms and even boost the healing process. The substance in the kiwi can increase the level of immune system and red corpuscle.


  • Fresh Coconut Water

Those who live in the tropical country should be thankful for its richness of natural sources. One of them is coconut. The coconut water is great to boost the immune system. It can work effectively to cure a cold and flu.

Natural Foods And Drink To Prevent Stroke

We know that stroke becomes a common problem that many people experience. However, it still becomes something dangerous even though you find it as a common thing. Preventing stroke will be a good decision for you as you need to protect yourself from this kind of illness. In preventing stroke, you even can choose the natural foods or ingredients that can help you in this process.

Several Natural Foods And Drinks To Prevent Stroke

As you might need more information about things that can prevent stroke, you can find the following things to help you.

  1. Ginger

Ginger is the best for your calm morning. You can drink your tasty ginger while enjoying your peaceful morning warmly. Actually, ginger can help you to reduce any inflammation and can help you to relax your muscle. Then, it turns out to reduce the blood clotting that can trigger stroke to come.

  1. Salmon

You have to know that salmon is very rich with omega-3 fatty acid. This component is important to reduce the blood clotting in your body. It does mean that the risk of stroke does decrease as the blood clotting is decreasing too. So, eat salmon will help you to reduce the risk of stroke.

  1. Cinnamon

We might know that cinnamon is usually helping to increase the fragrance or the taste of our drinking. Yet, it has function more than what you know. Cinnamon has the function of anti-coagulant. It also has a function in lowering your blood pressure. However, you also have to pay attention to the amount of the cinnamon that you consume, since it becomes dangerous when it is too much.

As you might find those foods and drink easily, it would be good to choose those things to prevent stroke. Do not forget to do enough exercise too, to help you to get better health condition.

Teach Your Kids To Aware Health Importance

Do you love your kids? Exactly. That is why you should teach them well at home. It is not about math or other subjects at school but also health, first aid, and home remedies. They are even more important for life than the physics or math. They can help themselves with the new knowledge of health. Even though they are away from home. So, how to teach them?

How To Teach The Kids About Health And The Importance Of Health Awareness?

Kids love to do many things in their life including risking their health without they mean it. They just need to have fun. However, you need to teach your kids about the health awareness and health knowledge from now on. So, here are the ways:

  1. You should tell the kids that health in the center of life. They cannot live well without a healthy body. So, it is their responsibility to have a healthy body.
  2. Tell them the simple books or videos that give them information about how important the simple activities like washing hands and brushing the teeth.
  3. You can give them the simple home remedies to help them such as bandage for a wound or fresh water to clean the wound.
  4. Make sure they understand it and see their move once they have a problem with a simple health problem.

If you see they are not interested in learning; it must be the problem with the media. You should get the interesting and attractive ways to give them new knowledge and teach them well. For example, do the learning process directly with practice.

Practice will be very effective for giving the new knowledge stay in their brain. You can add the books and the videos to help it too. Make sure your kids love to learn it. If they do not like it; maybe your kids need more time to be ready. That is all.