Best Ways To Consume Fruits And Vegetables

Are you bored with the ordinary ways of consuming fruit vegetables? Well, you should know the best ways to consume it here. Maybe there are several ways that are already common in your place. However, you should know if the ways are boring; it will not hurt your body. If you do not eat the fruits or vegetables at all. It is the problem.

How To Eat Fruits And Vegetables In The Best Ways?

I know the appetite of eating the vegetables and fruits can be gone if you the ways of serving it is boring. However, the ways of serving it also important for your body and health. When you think the only important thing is eating them; then, it is up to you.

Well, here I have several good ways to eat vegetables and fruits. Maybe you will love them or even hate them. However, I guarantee you several of them are the new ways. Here are the several best ways of eating fruit vegetables as the following:

  1. You may steam the vegetables and add the peanut sauce to get the best taste of the salad.
  2. You may make a juice of the mix of vegetables and fruits.
  3. You also may make the fresh fruits and mix it with the peanut sauce. You should slice the fruits first.
  4. The fruits and vegetables can be mix without being cooked first and add it with peanut sauce. It will be healthy and delicious salad for you.
  5. Eat the fruits directly and cook the vegetables along with spices.

Peanut sauce is one of the popular sauce for traditional salad from Indonesia. Indonesian people always use chili in the sauce and coconut sugar as well. Do you want to try it? Click for more information about fruits and vegetables. That is all and I wish you will always be healthy.