Bali Best Beaches

Bali best beaches will never disappoint you. This island has so many beautiful beaches that will make you feel that heaven is on Earth. Some of the beaches in Bali are also the best in the world. Many people come to Bali every year just to visit the beaches and enjoy the life there.

Many people come to the beach for surfing, diving, swimming, sunbathing, and more activities there. But the point is they want to enjoy the beauty in Bali beaches. The white sand, salty air, strong waves, palm tree, and crystal clear sea are worth to visit.

Two Bali Best Beaches

Since there are too many Bali best beaches, we will sort it down to just 2 beaches in Bali, However, these two beaches will make you happy when you get there!

  1. Angels Billabong

Who doesn’t know Angels Billabong? Even if you don’t go to this place before, but you still know it on the internet. Angels Billabong is the most popular natural pool in Bali. This beach is located in Nusa Lembongan. A foreign tourist from Australia named this place as Angels Billabong. Billabong means a natural pool. Indeed, the water in this place comes from the river. The result of the dead-end river is this amazing natural pool. The water here is like crystal which is very clear. But you need to be careful to swim here since sometimes the wave can be too strong.

  1. The Devil’s Tears

Bali is a complete island. It has both angel and devil as the best beaches here. Still in Nusa Lembongan Island, The Devil’s Tears is a small island which has breathtaking scenery. The beach is quite similar with other beaches in Bali. However, since this island is isolated, you will feel like you are in another universe. The Devil’s Tears is the perfect place to see sunset.

Those are two of many Bali best beaches.