All About Horror Game Hello Neighbor

Are you fond of an adventure game? Do you like a game that requires strategy? Do you like games with horror touch? If those are what you are looking for, hello neighbor alpha 1 free download is all you need. This game starts to gain popularity among PC gamers for its mysterious storyline. This new version gives different tense and more features on it.

What Is Hello Neighbor?

It is another terrifying stealth game that will get your adrenaline going. Your mission is to find out the horrible secret inside of your neighbor’s basement. He is hiding something and you find that your neighbor behaves in such strange way. You have to find out the best strategy in order to successfully reveal the mystery.

The Weird Yet Genius Neighbor

During the trailer, you will be introduced to your one and only opponent, the neighbor. What will make you difficult to beat him is that it is a program of advanced AI or Artificial Intelligence? Your neighbor can learn any of your moves and avoid you from trespassing further into his house. He will capture every single movement and your behavior.

The hello neighbor alpha 1 free download will allow you to experience plenty of physical interaction. This way you will feel your heart beats even faster. You need to find the best strategy on how to get inside of the house. You may expect to climb from the backyard window. However, a trap is set there to welcome you.

If you make a move to sneak through the front door, you will find out that there are cameras to keep an eye on you. Once you get caught and attempt to escape, your neighbor will find out any shortcut and catch you. Cannot wait to experience the tense? Get the latest hello neighbor alpha 1 free download soon.