A Guide To Choose Material For Minecraft House

It is a great source of information for beginner players of Minecraft game. At the first attempt, you will need to build a house as a shelter to continue into the next day. In order to make cool Minecraft houses, you need to know which materials is the best to build a permanent house.

Kinds Of Materials

In Minecraft, you are provided with plenty sources to make houses. Each material has certain characteristics that will benefit you. Among those materials, the following are some common materials that you can use.

  1. Wood Planks

Wood planks are the basic material that you can use to build cool Minecraft houses. It gives your house a nice look but it doesn’t cost you a lot. By cutting down three trees, you can get enough supply of wood planks. It has pretty good blast resistance. However, this material is easily burnt.


  1. Stone

Stone is strong building material. It has a very unique look that can give distinctive style to your house. It has better quality than wood plank against fire and explosion. Moreover, it is a renewable source so you don’t have to worry about its availability in nature. Unfortunately, you may need extra fuel to smelt cobblestone into stone.


  1. Cobblestone

It has similar characteristic to stone. It is available abundantly in Over world. You don’t have to smelt it to get this material for building houses. It has high resistance against explosion. However, it leaves a bit boring look for exterior design.


  1. Bricks

Last but not least, if you consider looking at your priority, bricks can be a great alternative to building materials. Bricks have a good quality of blast resistance and not flammable. However, it costs you four clays to get a single brick. Therefore, you will need a great amount of clay to build houses with bricks. For more information and guidance you can visit Coolminecrafthouses.com.