5 Smart Travel Tips For Students

5 Smart Travel Tips For Students

Traveling is a fun and memorable journey you could experience in your lifetime. As a grown-up person, I know the feeling of wanting to explore the other city when I was younger but can’t afford the ticket, let alone paying the whole trip. So, if you are a student with wanderlust soul but so little money, I can say you are at the correct page. Being a broke teenage can suck a lot. I’ve been there, done that. So before you jump to a conclusion that you can never be traveling when you’re still at school, read the next paragraph below.

You Can Always Go There!

When we are young, we have a lot of free time and energy but too broke to go out there and explore. Who said that you can never fulfill your needs of traveling? Chill down and I will give you travel tips for all the students.

  1. Saving, saving, and saving. If you are planning to go to an exotic island at the end of the year, you better do saving half of your money your parents give every day. Saving for three months is worth the traveling.


  1. Browse for the affordable motel. Before you step your feet in your destination, make a good searching for a cheap room to stay in, you can always find one.


  1. Choose the economy class. It doesn’t always have to be comfortable and luxury. Economy class of public transportation is not that bad. You can save your budget by this tips.


  1. Looking for free events. Sure, you don’t want to miss the hype of traveling. There are lots of street free events you can visit in your destination area.


  1. Pack enough food supply. It can be snacks, instant meals, or bread. This helps you to minimalize your budgets.

By following the five travel tips above I can guarantee you will have a nice and affordable trip. Tell me your travel story when you come back!