4 Smart Hacks Packing Your Stuff

4 Smart Hacks Packing Your Stuff

Everyone loves traveling. The feeling you get when you finally book the tickets for you and your loved ones and the feeling when you pack your belonging into the suitcase, that’s just too thrilling. But, ouch! You can’t fit all your stuff into one suitcase?! Aw, that’s terrible. Bringing more than one large sized suitcase is a lot of work! Indeed, it is. Stop worrying, here we are going to help you to try these smart hacks for your traveling suitcase. Let’s check below.

You Might Haven’t Tried Before!

Multiple pairs of clothes, extra shoes, sanitary equipment, camera, books, make up tools, and some important documents! That’s just too much to pack. Well, maybe you have not tried the different smart way to pack them into tidy and easy to find in a suitcase? You will never regret reading this article then. Here are the smart hacks!

  1. Roll up your clothes. Folding your clothes takes up too much space, try to roll them up instead into a “clothes roll”. This way you can save up space for other stuff.
  2. Choose small sized sanitary equipment. If you have always brought the large size of shampoo, soap, and toothpaste, you can just take a small amount of them and fill into a smaller bottle. This also helps you to save up some space. Smart enough, right?
  3. Put all your cords into one small pocket. Phone and camera charger, headphones, and anything with the cord collect them and put into a small pocket. Before you put them into one, don’t forget to tie each one so they will not tangle up.
  4. Put your socks supply into the shoes. Bringing more than two pairs of shocks is never wrong. Socks help you so much when the cold kicks in. Put them into your extra pair of shoes so they’re not taking space in your suitcase.

We all have at least tried one of the four hacks above, am I right? Now you can try them all!